Rental Management

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Main services offered in the rental management mandate :

Rental of real estate

  • Compulsory technical diagnostics,

  • Monitoring and coordination of any necessary repairs

  • Search for potential tenants, reception and analysis of files

  • Drafting of lease contracts and inventory before signing.

Daily property management

  • Issuance of due dates and rent receipts

  • Collection of rents and monitoring of arrears

  • Regulations of the co-ownership charges

  • Annual rent review based on the rental benchmark

  • Annual adjustment of charges

  • Work recommendation, selection of companies, advice on quotes, monitoring of their proper execution

  • Reporting (often quarterly): the management report contains basic information on receipts and expenses over the period

Litigation management


  • Information and recommendations on the action plan

  • Reminder of bad payers

  • Constitution of the unpaid file and implementation of prosecutions